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Havisham Group is a privately owned investment portfolio and trading group founded in January 2013 by David Brownlow. Within its three main business areas; Havisham Assets, Havisham Homes and Havisham Properties, it holds business interests ranging from property development to international recruitment.

Havisham Assets is the group’s investment vehicle that aims to provide funding and support to all manner of businesses across the globe. The investment activities range from a recruitment business with offices in London and Singapore to the development of two documentaries.


Havisham is passionate about its collection of many different forms of art, whether it be a classic British painting or an Italian sports car. We procure what fits the high standards of our collection.


Astbury Marsden

Astbury Marsden is an award-winning, international recruitment firm whose market focus is on financial services, energy and infrastructure and professional services. With operations in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, they work with a broad range of clients to fill roles in the areas of technology, change and transformation, risk and governance, finance and technical services.


The Prince’s Vision is a documentary commissioned by Havisham that shows an in-depth, comprehensive view of the regeneration of Dumfries House. This documentary has been filmed and produced by B4Films, an independent television production company based in Scotland.


Another documentary in produced by B4Films, The Greatest Streets, is a fresh look at history through the eyes of locals walking Britain’s historic avenues and neighbourhoods. Each location features a guest host who takes the audience through streets, neighbourhoods and towns they have a personal connection to.


Rarebreed Dining

Rarebreed Dining are a restaurant operator in the South of England with the ambition of becoming the most renowned multisite British meat and liquor house outside of London. Inspired by London’s high quality steak-led offering, and the relaxed all-day social buzz, Rarebreed want to bring these elements together with a British focus across England’s southern counties.






Havisham Properties act as the group’s property portfolio, with interests in both residential and commercial property in areas of Scotland and The South of England.



In February 2013, Havisham funded the initial stage of the Knockroon development in Ayrshire, Scotland. Knockroon is not just another housing development, it is a neighbourhood: a neighbourhood incorporating homes, shops to serve local and daily needs, and workplaces for small businesses.


Da Vinci's Cafe

Da Vinci’s is our café based at the heart of the community in Knockroon. In May 2014 it opened to the public; the site having previously been used as a visitors’ center now welcomes diners to enjoy a quality product at genuine prices.


Owning a luxury home is a statement of intent. It says something about who you are, demonstrating beyond doubt that what drives you in life is a single minded passion for excellence and the unwavering pursuit of perfection.


The same combination of qualities drives our undiluted commitment to crafting the finest of homes, reflected in each and every detail.

For Havisham, a luxury home means exclusivity, individuality and hand built craftsmanship. Each of our homes is designed with a painstaking attention to detail, providing a specification that values the use of quality materials and time honoured construction methods.

Founded in 2013, Havisham Homes was established to build distinctive new homes in Berkshire and the neighbouring counties. We have done this by seeking out desirable sites, designing and building, using quality materials and an unrivalled passion, to create homes that we ourselves would want to live in.




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